Mr. Cosmas Kiguli



Masters Degree

MSc. Computing and Information Systems, Nkumba University, 2013


Computer Lab block, behind Lab C

A renowned entrepreneur, public speaker and business coach for venture capitalism. He was born on the 11th May 1985 in Entebbe, South Busiro County of Wakiso District. Cosmas is best known as one of the ‘Senior Agriprenuership Coaches’ in the western region of Uganda. Kiguli Cosmas has invested time in many businesses and is regarded as one of the most experienced business coaches under the age of 35 with several organizations recognition including PUM-Netherlands, Agripreneurship Alliance, BSU-AIH and BSU-DIH. He has also dedicated Computer Scientist with an accomplished background covering a wide experience in both software and hardware technology. Currently a Lecturer in Bishop Stuart University’s Faculty of Applied Sciences, Department of Computing and inf.. Click for more

Other Positions held:

  • Head of department Computing Library and Information Technology- Bishop Stuart University